I was ecstatic to find out that we were going to be moving onto video production. I’ve always wanted to learn how to edit & sync videos with audio because I have endless ideas for shortfilms and parodies.
I did turn this in after the due date, but I am so much happier at what I accomplished with that extra time. Not only did I further the quality of my project, but I also increased my knowledge and skills in video production ( for which i am grateful that I stuck with it). If I turned it in when it was due, I would not have pushed myself to learn these tools. 

So a couple of the things I said in the video were actually ideas I was thinking of doing. “Five things wrong with The Battle of Five Armies” was a main runner-up/legit idea I was thinking of doing until I was told we had to shoot our own footage.  The main idea I wanted to do was actually the five headbands idea, that being a ripoff   reference to AFRO SAMURAI; the only issues why I didn’t do it was because I do not have more than two friends…..*sobs silently*…

For any of those curious on the backstory of the headbands, basically if you have The Number One Headband you’re immortal. No one can challenge #1 except the person who has The Number Two headband; with anyone being able to  challenge #2. So I was going to extend it to five headbands and well you get the idea. http://afrosamurai.wikia.com/wiki/Number_One_Headband

TL;DR – I struggled to execute the ideas I had, learned some new things and glad I stuck with it. 

Things I learned how to do with this project:
-Fade Video in/out
– Syncing audio with video
– Adding reverb or “thinking effect” to the voice
– I learned some copyright laws and the extension o the creative commons license.

Issues that I encountered:
– Scaling/Framing/Cropping: Most of my footage did not match, my phone decided to live its own life and switch from Horizontal to Vertical point of view mid-recording, so I spent most of my time finding out how to fix that.
– Stabilizing Audio was a problem as always.

               By Kendrick Taylor