This project was extremely difficult in my opinion, but I’m too dumb enough to come with a simpler concept of portraying what 5 means to me. The infinite of possibilities I could have done and so many easy ones I could have accomplished to save more time so I could use it to work on more important things.

Throughout this video the main character get’s paranoid of seeing and hearing the number 5 everywhere. Basically this video was supposed to be the main character was dreaming and then she wakes up from it, but ends with a plot twist of is she really still dreaming still? The story was only half finished due to time constraint and slight technical difficulties. In addition, I had always been drawing and visualizing in my mind how scenes should be played out, but doing it physically was way more difficult than what I originally thought. Being new to all this took at least 6 hours of doing the recording procedure in one day to only get 2 fine minutes of what I wanted. Although that shouldn’t matter, because the video would have been way past the 2 minute requirement for this project so I guess I’m happy in the end I met the criteria of the work.

Although at heart I feel empty that in a way my original plan was not finished and I tried so hard and been trying to get to that end goal, but I hope now that my next video recording will go more smoothly. Be it finishing it completely or finishing more progress with a lot less time consumed.