What Do You Want To Be Doing In Five Years?

For my image editing project an idea that came to me right away was to interview five of my coworkers about what they want to be doing in five years because I know that none of us want to be doing what we’re doing now five years from now.

When I started filming I wasn’t sure exactly what tone was going to end up coming across. I was not sure if it would wind up being funny or pessimistic or sweet or something else. It ended up being pretty optimistic.

I found the editing process to be very fun. To be able to go through all of the raw footage and select all of the best parts and then put them all together with music and different transitions and stuff. The most difficult part was the audio, getting the music to be quieter as soon people started talking but still loud enough to be able to hear took some time.

The music I was able to find on the free music archive and I was really glad that I found it because I thought that it really helped get across the energetic and optimistic vibe that ended up taking shape for the video.

Overall I think this assignment went really well, I was glad that everybody was a good sport about being filmed and think that the footage I wound up getting worked really well.