P5 Image Editing- Joey Johnson

This project was fun to work on.  I wanted to keep it simple so that I didn’t stress out, and it worked!  I knew at the 5th Street Market that a few businesses used the number 5 in their name.  So I went out and captured some shots like it was a commercial or in a way just featuring the businesses in the market.  I also tagged on a Five Guys Burgers joint that was by my house just because it was the number 5!  I had fun fitting it ll together and working in premier.  I was intimidated at first but I was just telling myself to keep it simple as this is just an introduction to the software, not a feature film to submit to Sundance.  I focused on putting the clips together in the order I wanted them, and have transitions between clips, used a few titles for the beginning and credits.  I also chose some fitting music to overlay the piece which helped move the story along. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy!