Classic Hip-Hop Night at The Golden Pineapple

Originally I was going to have a friend of mine rap over one of several beats I found on, and put some sound effects at the beginning and end, but we couldn’t quite get it together within the time limit, so I put loops of the three beats I liked the best together and recorded a commercial over that track.

I did a commercial for a classic hip-hop night at a fictitious club called The Golden Pineapple. I chose this because I love classic boom-bap hip-hop but, the last time I checked, an autotune-heavy, candy-coated kind of hip-hop was popular on the radio and at many clubs, and that stuff just is not for me. I basically just made up an ad for the type of night I would enjoy attending or DJing.

I was really surprised how easy it was to loop the beats and switch from one beat to another. The Audacity program makes it quite easy to loop or change stuff right on beat. Getting the Audacity music track I made on my PC to import the vocal track I recorded on a Mac at school was much more difficult than I expected though. It was really fun playing with the beats, but definitely frustrating at times dealing with that damn vocal track. I hope you guys enjoy the beats.

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