Acapella Tetris Theme A

The process of coming up with a interesting story, would not come to my mind whatsoever. Plus I just didn’t want to do a story at all for the time being. So the final outcome I came out with was deciding on singing a acapella of a song, because I love singing and there’s no story at all. So the music I chosen was Tetris Theme A, because it is a most well known classic video game song made by a Russian composer that I think most people know of. I thought about doing Mario or Zelda, but it felt to stereotypical. I felt so full of awe when doing the project, because I haven’t sang much in a while, and hearing your own voice is in a long time.

The process could have been better, but really almost anything could have been better. I couldn’t do a deep base voice and couldn’t even whistle. Like it just surprises me how do people whistle, it’s like impossible for me! Also I don’t like the picture the way it’s frame, and I kept trying to get a good image, but I gave up wasting my time.

So hopefully you will indulge yourself by hearing my ethereal beautiful elegant voice. I’m not tying to sound arrogant, I’m just trying to stay positive, because honestly this project drove me nuts! Just so you know I decently enjoyed this project.