P6 Final Project W15

For my video I decided to do a slap stick comedy.  I was trying to accomplish a video that simply makes you laugh and also aware of the communication issues in financial aid.  I have found the financial aid process to be very annoying.  I get the vibe that the whole “Students First” motto isn’t the reality.  They know they can be rude because there are always going to be broke students that have to deal with them no matter how they act.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am very very thankful for financial aid; I wouldn’t even be here at Lane if it wasn’t available.  At the same time, they make it way more complicated, put up so many roadblocks and don’t tell you all the information you need upfront.  This communication leaves a lot to be desired.

I had a blast making this video, and also learned a lot.  I realize now that I should of coached my dad when I had him film the skit.  For instance, there are a lot of parts where you don’t see the whole person while they are speaking.  I learned so much about editing which will help me in filming in the future.  I hope you enjoy this tongue and cheek presentation.  Thanks Craig