P6 Final Project

For this project I went to 2 cemeteries in Eugene. The first was the Laurel Hill Cemetery off Glenwood Blvd. Once I got there I cracked open a beer that I had in my backpack and sat and relaxed before the photo shoot. Other than the distance noise from the I-5 it was very serene and the weather was perfect. After my beer I put Pallbearer on my mp3 player, which I think was right for the atmosphere, and started the photo shoot.

From Laurel Hill I headed for the Eugene Masonic Cemetery off E 25th Ave and University St. This cemetery was amazing. Definitely recommend hitting this place up. The headstones where a work of art in themselves plus the surrounding trees and ferns added a nice touch.

For the video I wanted to have the right band/ music to match the black and white pictures. I was also trying to match the transitions with the beat of the music which took some time. Overall this project is not as good as P5 but I think I captured the atmosphere of the photos.