Troy’s Thought’s Selfies

Where to begin where to end?  This is the last blog post for our class.  However I plan on keeping this going after this so stay tuned.

Ever since I was young I have been into photography and from the start I’ve turned the camera on myself.  This was before the word “selfie” ever came about.  I’m open to hear your opinion, but I fell if the photographer is not holding the camera it’s not the same thing.  To me using a tripod and the timer is not the same thing.  Same goes for using the reverse camera on your cell phone.  There has to be some guess work or knowledge of what your camera lens is going to get.  Using a minor to see what tour going to get is perfectly fine.

In my opinion the self portrait is among the most honest forms of art.  The subject is the artist, and the artist the subject.  Therefore the subject is being presented in a why that they chose to be represented.

There has been for the most part a positive view of self portraits.  Artists like  Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo are known for their self portrait work.  Norman Rockwell’s famous self portrait may be his best known work.

So why is the “selfie” the scourge of the internet.  People share photos all the time.  Sometimes even of themselves.

Here’s my theory.  Who do you think of when you think selfie?  I’m going to guess someone who is young, self absorbed, entitled?  As an “adult” I assure you that.  There’s nothing more us “adults” like to do more than judge newer generations.  Congenitally forgetting that being self absorbed, and entitled is a part of being young.