Something to Imagine

There were many different ideas when we were creating this video, and if you’ve ever tried putting your thoughts onto paper then onto a screen, you know they’re going to change a lot. I’m never satisfied with any of my final work but I’ve learned to adapt to “the tyranny of the final product”. The video took us about three days to shoot and two nights to edit. I would estimate around twenty hours was spend from start to finish on the video. Rich did a good job keeping continuity flowing and was very helpful as a second pair of eyes when editing.

I realized I had access to really good lights that in my opinion saved the video. Shooting inside is not an easy task even with good lighting. You have to place the lights so they look natural and make sure there’s no reflections, if you don’t have enough lights it will cast shadows and make it look unnatural and staged, which we ran into a couple times. I know a lot of non professional actors who can’t go into character when its time to shoot, but I don’t blame them they’re not professional actors! Rich did a good job though, he kept a straight face and had the right mood and facial expressions throughout the whole shoot which meant we didn’t need as many takes!

I can only imagine if we had three months to work on one project like we did in the Audio Production class.