Dear Subconscious,

I had a different idea entirely when I first started this. I was super determined to do something about my beloved little dog Bear and his unique “Schipperke” breed. I tried to get this project rolling for a solid week or so, video taping and preparing scripts, uploading them into my editing program and re-arranging them again and again…

To no avail. No matter what I did — nothing was working. It was boring. It was bland. It didn’t make sense. Voice over wasn’t working — NOTHING was working. Between finals, the prospect of moving, work, and other things… I didn’t feel creative enough to crank something viable out for this project and it was stressing me out every day.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but stress in my life generally translates over into nightmares. A good night’s sleep is just too much to ask for. Out of frustration one morning from waking up from a particularly horrid dream, I went onto my Facebook and posted this:

Dear Subconscious,

Shut up. No one likes your passive aggressive nightmares.

Later that evening it dawned on me — I didn’t need to be creative and magical and super detailed — I could just be real. Real with myself and real with my feelings. That’s how my art comes alive… when I can recognize the bad just as much as the good. And these feelings definitely felt bad.

So I decided to have a very real conversation with my subconscious right then and there, and thus, “Dear Subconscious,” was born.

One thought on “Dear Subconscious,

  1. Olivia

    One of my favorite videos on the class page so far. Very creative and funny while keeping the urgent sense of an important message. Good job!

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