The Best men

I made this project for one of my best friends, that just got married (last August). The video is of his five best men and includes pictures of him with each of the best men (through out his life). I originally wanted to make this for him and give it to him before his wedding, but due to lack of time and due to the fact that I had to wait to get pictures from the other best men it’s going to be a belated wedding gift. Also it worked out perfect when i got this assignment I knew exactly what i was going to do. It was difficult trying to get photos from some of the best men that live across the country (Boston and Maine). Luckily there is social media and email otherwise i don’t know how else i would have gotten the photos.  I really wish I could have used some “copy righted music” because i already had a perfect song in mind that would have fit the movie way better, but what are going to do? Well, i really hope he likes his belated wedding gift, we will have to wait and see.

Side note: For the record I hate iMovie, worst video software ever made!