P5 Image Editing-five dances

My original idea for this project was to ask one question to five different artist/musicians and video tape their response along with added images and footage of their work. I still like the idea and might use it for the final project but i didn’t think it was feasible at this time to work with five different schedules so i relegated the idea. I came up with another concept of having five different dances done by one performer. I pitched the idea to the class and it seemed like the way to go. I had to work with another person’s schedule and didn’t start shooting until two days before the project was due. We created some sets out of whatever we had and I waited in between costume changes to start shooting different scenes. It was a lot of waiting, but I feel it was well worth it. My theme was to pay homage to the silent film era of the 1920s and 1930s as well as the Nickelodeon era where people put a nickel into a Kinetoscope machine to watch a brief segment of a moving picture. I used a tiny Canon Elph 320Hs in B&W mode for the video. This was also my first time using imovie or editing film for that matter so I was learning as I was working. I purposely avoided making precise edits. I wanted the editing to be choppy and rough, not fancy and smooth. I really enjoyed working with video and I know I will be making more videos.