Radio Advert – P4


For assignment P4, I decided to create a radio advertisement selling/hyping a video game, specifically Super Castlevania IV on the SNES. Elements of the file came together fairly quickly; I had a base idea/general direction, and as I explored free music/sfx sites the details filled in. I saved whatever I came across that could work, ensuring I’d have a decent pool to work with. I recorded my VO, tweaking the pitch/tone/bass and experimenting with lots of stuff (most of which I undid immediately). I had a simple marching track, evil laugh, two different game-y bloop-y sounds, a whip and a great BGM track- the music is the only thing I didn’t mess with.  I also recorded a few different *ting* and *punch*-y sounds (made with my mouth) to tweak, and ended up with an interesting sound after “Super CV 4″ is spoken. Protip: If you can figure out the wah-wah feature, you can do some cool stuff; I stumbled into some really unique sounds.