Radio Service Announcement/ Sp15 P4 Audio

For my SP 4 project I choose to do a radio commercial.  I have a cousin that is a D.J. here in Eugene.  He has been Djing now for over 14 years.  He use to be in the band called Medium Troy a local band here in town.  He recently decided though to branch off and do his own thing.  So as far as Djing Coner Jay (my cousin) he likes to scratch and make beats.  He does a little beat juggling actually too, but as far as what he’s popular for is most definitely scratching records.

So the commercial I decided to do is more of a service announcement.  The whole deal is that there is a fundraiser for food for lane county.  It takes place at the wow hall on may 22nd.  All the ticket sales and donations go to food for lane county.  So I encourage people in the commercial to come to the live show and have fun while supporting your community.

I recorded some beats that he made with my phone. and also recorded him scratching some records.  Then cut everything up and put it together.  I used a skateboard noise at the end that skates away for a way to end the commercial.  Although It is amature considering this is my first time working with audio I was pleased with the commercial.  Hope enjoy Thx Craig.


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