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This is crazy after searching for an animation site for long while I find a great one, and guess what it was made by WordPress. On this site, made by Daniel, where he and a few others post different content. The content ranges from movie reviews, classic art style, simple drawing, and animations. I really enjoy going thought the blogs and watching and reading them. The content doesn’t look like it gets update every day, but the blogs are well made for what they are. A lot of the blogs are about big name companies and some indie companies.

Probably my favorite thing to do is to watch the videos. Most of the video revolves around animation. But they also throw some interesting videos here and there. I really like the content so I don’t just get stuck with just animations blogs. I also get behind the scenes and posts about new or old techniques are being used today. In short the content that they post changes so you don’t get board of them. The quality is a 9.5/10 and the variety of videos is a 9/10

I recently watched David Gibson-Evolve Animation+Game Development Reel it is about 11 minutes of how the game’s Evolve monster and character where made. It was so cool to the depth of all of the character made, from some geometric shape to full blown character.