Media Arts Resources at Lane

Teresa sent us on a Scavenger Hunt this week to photograph various places that Media Arts students should be familiar with at Lane. I enjoyed this project. I’d just checked out a camera for my Image Communications class, so had a good time getting used to it and working on this project.  Here are my shots. Enjoy ~!

#1 – Teresa’s Office Door.  I had no idea Patty Duke had been in Star Trek.1 - Teresa's Office Door

#2 – The Blue Cyc Wall Studio.  Thanks Google for informing me what a Blue Cyc[lorama] Wall is.  Can’t wait to work in this studio.2 - The Blue Cyc Wall Studio copy

#3 – Equipment Checkout, featuring Michael (because he couldn’t find the Christopher Walken mask I wanted to photograph).  I’m going to get familiar with this place…all those toys !

3 - Equipment Checkout - feat Michael

#4 – The Main Art Gallery.  I was amazed to see these chainmaille shirts on display. This is my kind of art.  I’m jealous (and now ambitious to get a cool shirt done myself).

4 - Main Art Gallery

#5 – The Art-O-Mat.  I walked by this my first few days without realizing what it was. Cool.  I’ve got to scrape up $5 to get myself some art.5 - Art-O-Mat

#6 – The Library.  It will be nice when the library is back home and larger.6 - The Library

#7 – The Silver Sculpture in front of the Health and Wellness Center. I caught this on a really sunny day.  I love the play of light through the green tiles.

7 - Silver Sculpture 2

#8 – Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office.  Mary Jo wasn’t in her office when I took the photo, but I was able to meet her later.

8 - Mary Jo Kreindel's Office copy

#9 – The Bus Stop.  Enough said.

9 - The Bus Stop

#10 – Christina Salter’s Office.  I enjoyed meeting with Christina when I was deciding to enter the Multimedia Arts program.  She was incredibly helpful and encouraging.  Thanks, Christina!

10 - Christina Salter's Office

#11 – The Indy Lab.  So many iMacs (and cool posters).11 - The Indy Lab

#12 – The Flags in the Students First building.12 - The Flags in the Students First Bldg

#13 – Construction.  What would the 2015 school year be without all the construction, and playing “Where’s the Titan Store Entrance This Week?”13 - Construction

Now on to the next project.