P6 Final Project

By: EJ Olson

For my final, I wanted to work more with video and really try and hone my video production skills. I’m already familiar with Adobe After Effects, but my Premiere skills are lacking. I also focused on really using what I’ve learned in my Concepts of Visual Literacy class and merge them with the technical skills acquired during our Media Arts course.

I attempted to build suspense, using a few quicker cuts, extreme close ups and a heavier, anxious soundtrack. The POV shots are used to help the viewer feel attached to the scene, and hopefully feel some tension and anticipation. As I reach for this new, mysterious weapon, the audience is hopefully asking, “what’s he going to do with that??” Of course, we find out I only wanted a closer shave!

Production for this was difficult (shooting oneself is always a challenge—sorry Teresa!) and editing took several days, as the saber effects are a frame by frame process. It was tedious, but rewarding. I learned just how difficult it is to keep continuity when cutting these scenes together, but I think I did a quality job (for the most part, I had some issues in the first 15 seconds or so).

I’m looking forward to video production next term!


“Heavy Brigade” courtesy of PurplePlanet.com

“Live (A Little)” – My Mantle

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