A Fabrication of 5

By: Shane Boss

Each of these images were composited in Adobe Photoshop and each hold their own meaning to the interpretation of 5.  To the left of each image are the original images used for each composite.  Each of the origonal images are royalty free and were found through http://search.creativecommons.org/

This first image I found a monochromatic colored fish and dressed him is 5 colors, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green and Pink.  Makes him look a little more tropical and displays the power Photoshop has to manipulate color in an image.

5 Color Fish For this next image I found a face of a clock and composited the hands to display a clock that reads 5 after.  When I think of the meaning of five, one of the things that came to my head was time.


This next image was fairly simple to think of and easy to composite.  Everyone knows of Five Guys burgers so I found this vintage photo and brought the sign to life to signify an interpretation of 5.


For this next image, I thought I would try and be creative about the composition.  I found an image of a dice that read 5 and made a mosaic composite of it that is made up of dice faces.


This next image was fun to make.  One of the first things I thought of when thinking of 5 was a high five.  So I found an image of 2 guys giving a high five to each other and put them in a place where they can get really high with their five.


This last image was interesting to make.  It’s simple yet effective in displaying an interpretation of five.  I found a photo of a bubble and multiplied it so there’s five of them and added an open hand that represents the hand symbol of five in each one.  To me it looks more like water drops than bubbles after I finished it.


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