P5 Image Editing

Why is it hard to edit on a super slow mac computer?.. Having to sit for a fortnight waiting for the finished product to convert into an actual video file! HOORAY FOR SLOW COMPUTERS! THE TRUE VOICES OF OUR GENERATION!

Getting the camera angles was actually kinda hard, there WAS some re-shooting involved. I used iMovie for the editing and a flip video recorder for the video (duh)

I wanted to convey the feeling I get when the holiday season comes. I think I’d love it more if it started in December like it’s actually supposed to. Nobody needs to hear “deck the freaking halls” every day for 2 months, its maddening. That’s like listening to “the monster mash” on fourth of July, possible but highly frowned upon.

This is a masterpiece by rookie film maker and visual genius Dakota Nein.

November 5th

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