P4 Audio – Theron Paul

For this assignment i was trying to get a halfway decent recording using Audacity. This was the first time i had ever recorded something and i think it came out really well. It took a little while to learn Audacity, figure out how to cut,copy,and remove tracks then paste them back in without to many “Bumps”. I had to do the recording a few times, as i kept messing up, but after a few runs i finally got it down in the manner i wanted it (which was supposed to be sort of dark and dreary). I hope it comes across that way at least a little bit. I had a lot of fun finding the few sounds i needed and even recorded the alarm from my own very irritating alarm clock.


This isn’t my alarm clock by the way…..mine is much smaller…and I’m sure it’s much more annoying. Anyways here is the audio track. Hope its at least slightly entertaining.