P4 Audio Project

By: EJ Olson

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For this project, I took clips from five different songs and mashed them together into a quick sample. I wanted to make it seem as if someone were trying to tune an old radio and kept coming across a different track from the album. In my mind, this could be used as a commercial, as it displays a few different aspects of the record, and may be used to showcase the music and entice potential listeners.

The editing itself was sort of a pain, as I’m used to using programs such as Reaper and ProTools. There was a little bit of a learning curve when it came to shortcuts and where certain features were located, but Audacity is a simple program, I was off and running in no time.

The music was written and recorded by a band I joined when I was sixteen, and was released in 2010. I drummed and did some vocals on the record.

1 thought on “P4 Audio Project

  1. Teresa Hughes

    Really like your idea of taking clips from different songs and editing them together to imply that someone is changing the “dial” of a radio…fun to listen to and great images that relate to the sound. Good job!

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