Scavenger hunt!

20180117_161926Equipment checkout station! The staff are friendly, and run it well.

20180117_162552The Blue Cyc wall! I was amazed to find this, I was expecting a wall with bicycles.


The sign outside of The Center for Student Engagement. Don’t feed those cool turkeys.

20180117_164431I love this piece of artwork in the art gallery. The gallery is very nice and calm.

20180117_164306The Art-o-mat! A recycled cigarette machine that you can buy something much better from now- Art!

20180117_163721An identifier of the library. The staff are super helpful!

20180118_140628What a cool sculpture! As you can see- right outside of the health and wellness center!

20180117_164651That’s an awesome sign Mary Jo Kreindel! I love the water color effect!

20180117_163917Media Creation Lab! I would love to fully check it out later.

20180117_164514I haven’t met Judy Gates yet, but I heard she’s one cool lady!


I spy Teresa’s office! It also looked like she had a message.

20180118_141117.jpg The flags are beautiful. I love the lighting!

20180118_154537.jpgConstruction spotted near building 18. I wonder what they’re doing with the wires.

By: Haley Millard

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