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Clover’s day at the trails.

For this video project I decided to film an average day at the mountain bike trails, with my dog Clover. I hadn’t shot any film for the class, so i decided to grab a Go-pro, and create a short narrative. I thought the idea would make for an entertaining edit, and knew I would enjoy creating it.

Mountain biking is a major passion in my life. I have been riding for almost fifteen years and was lucky enough to race at a professional level for a couple of them. Its the way I connect with nature and blow off steam. Clover is my loving puppy, who i enjoy sharing my time on the trails with. Nothing makes her happier than chasing bikes down the trail. We usually go out riding once or twice a week. She gets pretty worked up if she doesn’t get her weekly trail time.

I hope that everyone enjoys the video as much as Clover and I enjoyed making it.

Hulk has a tumor

For this final project I wanted to explore more of the way sounds effect the viewers experience, I took pains to only make references that are already established in The Incredible Hulk’s and Marvel’s universe. Even the Doctor mentioned is a lesser know hero form the sixties and seventies. The Hospital is also a lesser known location in a few Spiderman comics.

My primary concern with this project was to make it sound as close to a real life hospital phone call as I could given the limitations of my hardware and software. The overall story was of my own invention. I thought it was an interesting idea to explore.

All sounds were downloaded from open source and used in accordance with the varied term and conditions of the varied sites I used.

Guaranteed you probably had no idea.

“David Dassey is one of the healthiest men in Los Angeles. At 62, he can still run a sub-four marathon. Last April he competed in Boston for the fourth time and almost made it to the finish—just past the 25-mile mark—when the bombs exploded. Many of his fellow runners sprinted to the nearest blood donation centers, fearing the worst. Dassey, a doctor who works for the county’s public health department, didn’t join them. “I’ve known for 30 years that I can’t donate,” he says. “It doesn’t even go through my head anymore” Men’s Health Magazine, Banned for Life, 2013.)

My personal experience stems not so much from a dramatic experience as David’s, but, I was denied donation not even knowing it was a law to begin with. I prepped myself physically and mentally for weeks making sure everything was perfect for the local blood drive. I showed up, filled out the questionnaire, waited, and was denied right then and there in person. It was incredibly awkward standing there listening to them try and explain why they were denying me the right to give my blood. Looking at my doctors records and knowing there was nothing wrong with my blood, they still turned me away resulting in a lifetime ban. At this point its completely inaccurate scientifically because the blood can be tested. Its one thing for society to be upset about gay marriage and the heated debate of equality and its another to deny someone life by denying healthy blood. Like David Dassey, he witnessed the bombing at Boston and knew he could do nothing. To force someone to walk away from saving a life is inhumane and as corrupt as it gets to me.

I personally cant change the law. I can only spread awareness regarding the issue and hope that my words and creativity can help change hearts and breathe life into people.

DFO 2014 (P6 Final Project)

For this project I was trying to capture the essence of a hobby of mine, glassblowing. This footage was shot in the summer of 2014 in downtown Eugene at an event called DFO. Glassblowers from all over the world come to downtown Eugene to gather and enjoy this wonderful activity. Glassblowing has brought me much happiness and peace throughout the months. When you can bring a community of people together under a common idea, you can do anything. Glassblowing is a way to bring people together and build a community of awesome people creating things and doing things they love. Everyone deep down has a message or an expression to send out into the world and glassblowing is a way to send that message or express yourself. I used very calming music to reflect how relaxing glassblowing is.