Clover’s day at the trails.

For this video project I decided to film an average day at the mountain bike trails, with my dog Clover. I hadn’t shot any film for the class, so i decided to grab a Go-pro, and create a short narrative. I thought the idea would make for an entertaining edit, and knew I would enjoy creating it.

Mountain biking is a major passion in my life. I have been riding for almost fifteen years and was lucky enough to race at a professional level for a couple of them. Its the way I connect with nature and blow off steam. Clover is my loving puppy, who i enjoy sharing my time on the trails with. Nothing makes her happier than chasing bikes down the trail. We usually go out riding once or twice a week. She gets pretty worked up if she doesn’t get her weekly trail time.

I hope that everyone enjoys the video as much as Clover and I enjoyed making it.