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F19-P4 Audio (Wirrick-Coad)

Considering that I love doing Audio design and the like, this project was really fun for me. Working on music, messing with tv/movie clips, etc. We also had this project almost at the perfect time for Halloween. As you can hear, I decided to make mine just a little on the creepy side. The weird static cuts and cutoffs, to my voice changing frequency and emotion. I still think the story/message I try to tell is fun, but it might be a little harder to understand because of how I wanted it to be portrayed. Almost like a 1930’s radio broadcast story. If I was to just get solely into sound design or working with audio, I would hope it would be within the horror genre. I really like making sounds that our ears are not used to. Seeing people have visual reactions to sound is also a wonderful reason I enjoy this. I hope you enjoy this with the little context I provided below here, and happy early Halloween! –Alex P.S if you can guess what I said at that moment, I shall congratulate you. Thanks once again and let the spooks begin!


A poem by Edgar Allen Poe

“Alone” is a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe and is the main subject of my audio project. I recorded my recitation of this poem and added various other sound elements in Pro Tools. I used royalty free music for the audio and royalty free image for the Soundcloud player image. I annotated those borrowed bits in the description of the audio for your reference. I bounced  Much work was put into this, so that you get to listen and have an audio experience that was well worth it.

The goal of the audio experience is to teleport the listener into that dark and gloomy world that Poe paints in “Alone”. You are to feel the mood of the piece and to not think that this is just some simple recording. Another goal that I hope this accomplishes, that it gets the listener to seek out poetry and give it a read. Poetry is beautiful and is fun to read aloud, even if it is misread. My overall goal is that skills obtained (so far) in the multimedia design program help me deliver an excellent final product to the listener.

I do not have much experience in the Multimedia Design program nor did I have much experience in the use of Pro Tools. I wanted to use this project to help me practice more with the industry standard in audio production. I have to admit, I hit a few bumps in the road in the process of working with audio at home. Snowball microphone was not recognized by Pro Tools due to a sound card issue. I found an alternate solution to the problem by downloading ASIO4all so that the mic and the audio software could communicate.

 The secondary bump in the road was finalizing my Pro Tools session into a WAV format. I have not learned how to do all that since I just started to get familiar with Pro Tools. I tried to do things just like if the program was like Adobe Audition and nothing seemed to work until I looked online. I found a guide to bouncing my session which helped me format a copy of my session into a WAV file. Finally, I was then able to upload my audio project into Soundcloud.

 The last bump in the road was reciting poetry. This bump was the biggest one on the road because I have never undertaken the art of poetry reading before and had to do way more prep work. I researched how writers intended their poetry to be read and how a professional recites poetry. I never knew you can get paid to recite poems till I did some digging around. After a drop of medicinal herb and 22 takes later, I recited the poem as I intended. Forgive me if it doesn’t meet the professional standard.