F19-P4 Audio (Wirrick-Coad)

Considering that I love doing Audio design and the like, this project was really fun for me. Working on music, messing with tv/movie clips, etc. We also had this project almost at the perfect time for Halloween. As you can hear, I decided to make mine just a little on the creepy side. The weird static cuts and cutoffs, to my voice changing frequency and emotion. I still think the story/message I try to tell is fun, but it might be a little harder to understand because of how I wanted it to be portrayed. Almost like a 1930’s radio broadcast story. If I was to just get solely into sound design or working with audio, I would hope it would be within the horror genre. I really like making sounds that our ears are not used to. Seeing people have visual reactions to sound is also a wonderful reason I enjoy this. I hope you enjoy this with the little context I provided below here, and happy early Halloween! –Alex P.S if you can guess what I said at that moment, I shall congratulate you. Thanks once again and let the spooks begin!

1 thought on “F19-P4 Audio (Wirrick-Coad)

  1. Greyson Yant

    I really enjoyed the effects that added to the ambiance and atmosphere of the piece. It hit tones of war of the worlds, Bioshock audio tapes, and fallout radio/recordings.


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