Music Video

Above is the complete version of a music video I made for my friend who released this song back in 2014. I took the opportunity for making something large to relearn the 3d modeling and animation program, Maya. The second section of this video was done primarily for this class and the first part with more of the traditional animation techniques was done for the intro to animation course. This project took between one to two hundred hours, I think, I’ve kind of lost track of reality the past few weeks.

The music video includes the animation techniques of rotoscoping, pose to pose drawn animation and claymation. All of the scenes and objects were rendered in Maya and then drawn over with one layer, then animated more freely on top of that in Procreate on the Ipad. Sound effects are from the website and the music is from my friends album titled RNB.

The music video details the grey world of living with depression but having a vivid imagination which lives in dichotomy for many artists.