Peculiar (Volume Warning)

(Volume warning, this may be a bit loud!)

When I first started production on this project, it was going to be something completely different. Originally it was going to be about stray cats doing stray cat things, with a song I wrote playing in the background, but that didn’t work out. All that’s left from this scrapped concept is a singular cat GIF titled: “Unused Cat. Poor cat.

I ended up doing little gifs following little people doing little things instead of the stray cat idea. As the title implies, it gets a bit odd, especially after the plane flies by. The reason for that was because I started using drawings/paintings of mine as inspiration to help make the process go a bit faster. Such drawings/paintings include an octopus, hummingbird, Wiggly Trees, a human sitting on a chair, a cat with a Christmas hat, etc. Fun fact! Hummingbirds represent hope and good luck, while octopuses represent the ability to overcome challenging situations with creativity and intelligence. That’s pretty neat! If I had more time, I would’ve loved to do something more complex.

Freno sulle Corde gave me permission to use their music for this video. The song is called “Leyla Theme.” Freno sulle Corde has a lot of other music that’s pretty snazzy as well. I recommend checking them out since they have a variety of music that explores many different genres. You can find them on youtube.