Kars, a JoJo’s reference

before i cut off my mullet

Hello! I’m Kars, an autistic, polyamorous, transgender, and aroace animator and illustrator. I’m a huge advocate for queer and disablitity, including mental health, rights. 

I have two cats, Elysium and Asphodel (or Ely and Azzy) who are my world. I wanted to be a funeral director for years, which led me to finding out you need any kind of art degree to become a director, and that pushed me to start at Lane. I started going for Graphic Design, then switched to the Animation program after it was released last year.

Now that I’m in the animation program, I want to stick with it and look for animation jobs in Seattle once I graduate. The dream is to live in the city and do primarily 2D animation. I also think it would be fun to create a dating sim just for the hell of it.

I’m currently watching Berserk, reading Death Note, and listening to Pale Waves and Ghost. My aesthetic tastes vary from battle jackets, all black, and platform shoes to lots of color, especially pink and yellow, and cute accessories. 

I spend a lot of time creating and drawing characters, writing stories for my characters, and forcing my friends to enjoy my characters with me. I currently have a fixation on angels and princely characters in my work.