P6 – Final – Loneliness Commercial

Loneliness Commercial

Creating this whole thing was a surprisingly fun experience. It took me awhile to come up with an idea, and I honestly can’t tell you how a guy selling loneliness like it were a product was what I landed on, but here we are. The most fun part for me was coming up with all the different jokes I could put in the video. Now if you’ve watched the video, and are thinking; “What jokes?”, then I understand. This whole production is heavily tailored towards my own sense of humor.

Right off the bat, I filmed the scenes where I needed to be in costume. That being the intro, the outro, the two interviews, and the shot of John yelling outside. After filming those scenes, which took around three hours, I procrastinated doing the rest of it until the week it was due. Every other scene was filmed on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday prior to the Saturday it was due. I also relegated all of my editing to a single day, which was not the original plan. I downloaded Adobe Premier and After Effects, prepared to embark on a difficult battle with the two softwares. However, to nobody’s surprise, I got confused very quickly upon opening After Effects, immediately uninstalled both of them, and proceeded to hunt down an advanced video editing app on my phone. Eventually I found an app that worked and pieced the whole thing together in about an hour. I recorded all the overlayed audio on that app as well, without realizing how inconsistent it was until it was too late, so I do apologize for that. I also filmed the whole thing on my phone, meaning that 100% of this video was created using only my phone. I think that’s pretty neat.