P5 Image Editing-A Day in an Unfortunate Fella

When I thought if the idea of what to base my film off, I had thought of the idea of when I was stuck in the basement where I lived and had been there for almost a full day until, someone came down stairs to open the door for me. However, in this, “A Day in the Life of an Unfortunate Fella”, I thought about hey, what if it was an unlucky dude, who happens to be foolish as well. In this instance instead of pulling on the door, he pulls in. I managed to put in a minor montage within the video to show how one passes time. There was more that went into the video, however in order for it to fit the time limit I managed to cut some footage for the sake of it. I also hope I manged to make it a bit comical at some points. Hope ya’ll like it!