P6 – Final

My final is of a personal narration of an event in my life that was very emotional for me and caused me to become depressed. My parent’s divorce was something that was difficult for me to process and there was a lot to it that made me feel isolated and alone. I decided to shoot footage at my park across the street from the home I grew up in to get the feel of where I came from. It was a nice sunny day, so why not?

This wasn’t my original idea for my project, but with circumstances going on in my life, I chose to take a different approach at the project and do something more personal. Considering to this day I struggle from time to time coping with my emotions from my parents being separated, I thought maybe this would be a good chance to tell my story. Hopefully without judgment.

I had fun editing this project. I don’t think I’ve ever made a video edit that had very limited amount of video transition effects. The sudden jump cuts always made me feel uncomfortable, but in this project, it made me realize how normal and natural it actually feels. I did struggle to find the right sounds for my project, but the internet has everything, so of course I eventually found a solution.

This project is for sure a good way to end the term.


Program – Adobe Premiere Pro

Sound Effects from: Pond 5, Freemusicarchive, Epidemicsound

Film and Produced by: Kristin Frost

Narrated by- Kristin Frost

– Kristin frost