Does this make me the Riddler..?

One sheet, two sheet, three sheet, four, where some see a towel – I see so much more.

Arms and legs, yes..but off with her head? I guess i’ll just look at this chair instead.

Sink or swim, hot or cold, cant destroy me, I’m too old.

Socks, pants, dress, blouse.. I know every member of your house.

Doesn’t matter where you will be, you can always kick it with me..

… even in a tree.. ?

Run run run, as fast as you can.. but you can’t catch me, because you’re only a man.

I might be where you sit and sketch, or maybe I am just where you put what comes next..

Once I have you, what can stop me? My daily morning cup of coffee.

Cant forget you, last of all…

..mirror mirror, on the wall.

by: Katelynn Burnett