P1 About Me (Nick Shaw)

Hello There, I am Nick Shaw and as you can see, I am a hockey player. Growing up I’ve always loved hockey, mostly because I loved watching my brother play it. I thought he was the coolest out there skating around, hitting people, and scoring. I wanted nothing more to be just like him, and now I am. My jersey number is 52 because my brother was 51 and it’s like I’m next in the line of hockey players in my family. It’s always been a dream of mine to join the NHL (National Hockey League) and play for my favorite team, the Los Angeles Kings, but unfortunately I am not and never will be good enough for that. However, I have always been good with art and camera stuff. People have always been telling me I am very creative and I should go to school to unlock my full creative potential in Multi-Media Arts. So that’s what brings me here to this class.

Recently I got a call from the United States Marine Corps, they wanted to know if I would be interested in starting a career as a marine and I said no, I am in college studying multi-media arts, and he said I can come work for them at a training camp and film stuff for them. That in particular didn’t really interest me but it did get me thinking, if I can’t play hockey for the Kings, why not be a videographer for them? So that is where I decided my career goal.

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