Road Trip Nation – Jimmy Chin

  • Grew up thinking he had three career options: doctor, lawyer, or businessman.
  • His parents pushed him into getting a degree, studying violin, swimming competitively, but skiing and climbing were passions he found for himself.
  • Lived out of the back of his car, traveling, climbing, and working odd jobs for seven years.
  • One day, his photographer friend let him play around with his camera; the one photo he took ended up selling for $500.
  • He realized he could easily make a living and maintain his outdoor lifestyle by pursuing photography.
  • His parents, who’d been hesitant to accept his unorthodox career, eventually became the biggest fans of his photography.
  • Says that only by really throwing himself into his passion-climbing-did the doors to his career start to open up.
  • Believes his liberal arts degree in Asian Studies has actually been put to good use on his expeditions to remote places like Nepal and Pakistan.


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