Living the Dream

I felt this assignment was more a message for me then anything else. after having a successful 2020 I moved back to Eugene and my work has been stagnant ever since. That was a big reality check for me after thinking that I was the king of the world. I was snapped back to reality. Being able to use this audio really helped me get out the feeling that every artist has that they are not good enough. The point of my audio assignment was to give artists hope. We all feel like our work is not good enough and go through creative dry spells but we can never give up. The assignment was fun, trying out different applications to edit my audio clip. I ended up using Premiere Pro even though it is not made for audio, the familiar layout as I edit videos from time to time definitely helped me along my journey. The  art work I used was a photo I took in Las Vegas. Even though it isn’t a very special photo I was able to stay true by using a photo I took, and nothing fits that fast paced lifestyle like Las Vegas. WIth my audio clip I was hoping to give that little boost for any artist that did ot didn’t know they needed it.  

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