Fresh Prince Sound Project

This project was fun, as my wife and I often make music and stuff, but this was a new challenge. First off, my wife had not watched the Fresh Prince, which for me was ridiculous, so it gave me a chance to provide her with a view of my childhood.

But I think what was best about doing this project was having an activity to do together. My wife and I both live our separate professional and artistic lives that don’t often intersect, so it was fun.

I kept telling her it would come out great because we record all the time, but she was nervous. I personally just thought the whole experience was hilarious, but that’s what made it fun. Neither of us is an actor, and it shows, but it was fun nonetheless.

I had planned on using the drum a little more for “music”, but I used a mbira instead for white noise. It sometimes sounds weird, but I love that instrument, and I want to include it in everything if I can.

But using the drum for Will’s snaps and such was cool. It was a creative way to use different instruments to make cool sounds. I would have never thought of it before.

This was an enjoyable project. I had fun.

One thought on “Fresh Prince Sound Project

  1. John Adair

    Very clean audio recording, I can tell you’ve done this before even without having read your entry before listening. Having someone you live with during these pandemic times makes it so much easier to realize the project you want to do as you have an extra voice to work with. How long and how many takes did it take to get all the recording done? Was it all done in a single session or were you recording separately?

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