RTN- Photographer Donald Miralle

This is professional photographer Donald Miralle. His style of photography and just his style in general at first glance spoke nothing to me of his and my commonality. However, as it seems to be with most people, once you get past prejudices and preconceptions to pull back the covers, what lays resting beneath is more relatable than not.


-Born and raised in Southern California.Attended UCLA, where he started as a biology major with the intention of one day becoming a doctor in order to satisfy his parents’ wishes.

-During his sophomore year, he realized that he didn’t really like biology and that his true passion was in art—ended up graduating with his degree in fine arts.

-After graduating, he began working with different portrait photographers in Los Angeles, but this work wasn’t fully satisfying him.He decided to answer a vague Los Angeles Times classified ad looking for photographers for a sports photography agency, and ended up getting a job as an photo editor instead.Working for that company gave him the time and access to eventually start practicing his photography at sporting events.

He is now an award-winning photographer best known for photographing some of the world’s greatest athletes, biggest events, and most remote locations.He is also the founder of Leucadia Photoworks, a full-service studio and photographer collective in North County San Diego, California.

by: Matthew Garner

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