Riddle On Riddle W21-P2

1. Just a roll of toilet paper here. I made it upside down to try to add some significance, but it’s toilet paper.
2. Fun fact: The white chair was brought to my apartment by a friend at 3am for no reason.
3. Enjoy this zoomed in shot of ice cubes.
4. I threw a filter on this one to really have the washing machine pop. I know it looks like a dryer but it actually is not.
5. I thought my friend’s slippers were perfect for this one.
6. This tree is right next to my apartment and I thought it looked cool at night.

7. I struggled to get a shot of the singular car that fit the right dimensions, so here’s my neighborhood.

8. I don’t own a coffee table, so here’s my version of one.

9. Coffee and me aren’t on speaking terms at the moment.

10. The mirror in my bathroom is a very nice one.