Who am I? No really, who am I?

Existentialism is a school of thought that I cherish greatly. It is one that most commonly is reserved for people who reach middle age and have a mental breakdown when they realize that they’ve potentially wasted too many years away on a life they never actually wanted; thinking too much on what they SHOULD do and not on what they WANT to do. The latter of these is what brought me to Lane Community College. I want to be a photographer–a photojournalist specifically–but in the grand scheme of things I want to do something both creative and internally fulfilling that supports the betterment of all life. We all have our own descriptions of what that may be, which is exactly why I take other people’s advice with a grain of salt. What was/is the right path and successful move for you does not equate to the same for me or anyone else. I think that really sums up my journey through life and personality. I have a “everything in stride” outlook on most challenges and I march to the beat of my own drum. I am this way because it is the only way to ensure my own happiness and I encourage everyone I meet to do the same. Obviously compromises have to be made–I’m not a selfish person–but compromising too much can be detrimental. It is better to walk with someone rather than be walked on or alone.

Anyhow, quickfire details about my life:

  • I have a cat, her name is Miku
  • I love technology and look forward to the greeting our robot overlords
  • I can sew, though not with extraordinary skill
  • I’m a Browncoat, shoutout to the Firefly fans
  • Certified Weeaboo, all day, every day

By: John Adair

3 thoughts on “Who am I? No really, who am I?

  1. Keyan G Carlile

    Hi John! The story you told in Art 216 about the client who couldn’t find the power button was really funny and made me laugh. You seem like an interesting person and I hope to find out more about you!

  2. Sarah Stuart

    Hi John,
    It is nice to be acquainted with you. I believe this is our third class together and I do not know if we have ever had the opportunity to talk with one another. I guess we are part of the same cohort?
    All the photos that you have shared in class have been quite stunning. I wonder what kind of photo journalism you want to do? Is it a difficult profession? You seem like a rad person and you always bring so much to each class. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. Jessica Duff

    It does seem as if many people either do not try to figure out or find themselves or spend years talking about what they could have, should have done. Some seem to expect life to happen in a certain way in order to move forward. It is interesting the different paths and ways we go on the this journey of life.
    In other note, as a Weeaboo, have you ever been to Japan?

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