Please Wash Your Hands!

I wanted to get the point across to my viewers that washing your hands is very essential. I didn’t go much in depth on exactly how effective it is because time restraints, but I tried to get in as much as possible within a minute to show that washing your hands is a good thing and why you should be doing it. I also wanted to make a point that washing your hands is a good thing even without a reason to do so. Everyone having clean hands is my goal! I take a jab at people who don’t wash their hands in the bathroom but for a good reason – it is very disgusting and can potentially be harmful.

I tried to make it a little humorous as well but I think it came across more as cringey than funny. I also don’t necessarily like the sound quality that I got from my phone while recording it. I would much rather use my nice mic that I would need to bust out again. It’s gathering dust somewhere in my house! All in all, I tried to make it an engaging minute and I hope I achieved that without sounding like an idiot.

Here’s the link for you guys to listen to is: Soundcloud Link

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