Our digital identities are now

These days anyone can have a voice, seems anyone can have a camera. Vast audiences are built into algorithms for people like you and me on seemingly new platforms. It seems now, everyone has access to the means of self digital production. 

Don’t know how? Watch a video. 

So what do you do? That’s a loaded question. I sometimes don’t like asking people those questions for fear that the people I ask might define themselves with what they do for money and call it an identity.

What do I do? I play with things. With buttons mainly, the more the better. What better question than what does that button do? Buttons even talk back sometimes, like when your typing…

I love the buttons. When running a sound booth, or karaoke, DJ, or what better button than the shutter sound that defies time with a photo. What about when many photos are taken together? Say at 30 frames per second, or 60, or the buttery smooth slow motion from 120fps?

The pandemic has forced all of us to dig deep into our pockets and turn on our cameras. We connect now through the media of zoom calls and facetime. Rather than voicemails and letters. Do you know what all those buttons do?

Follow me to explore digital tools for self expression. Right now, I am starting a journey through the LCC Media Arts program and with it will further my abilities and identity as an digital artist and media creator. 

The way I see it, Its buttons, all the way down!