RoadTrip Nation Report Sp2- Report

Aubrey Crossley


“I talk with my camera, better than I talk with my mouth”. The first Rolling Stones principle photographer said in an interview I watched the previous night. His name is Baron Waldon and he was in the Army as a counterspy in Berlin, Germany and pursued his photography career after taking pictures of the Berlin Wall under development one of the topics that I chose to do more research for my report, because of the way he looks at his own life as if every day is an opportunity. I think this report has given me a broad sense of where I see my love and work to pursue my career path, through the development of photography and multimedia. It hasn’t always been so clear for me to know what I want to do with my future. I never really got an idea of where to start and how to get started. Photography is what I know inspires me, even though I am new to it after a year and a half it feels great to still learn new things in learning both digital and film. It is very important to know both aspects. It can be an endless learning experience at least that is how it feels since I started working on photography two years ago and have been teaching myself time after time.