Riddle Raddle Let’s Skidaddle

Please enjoy some photos I took for this scavenger hunt:)

Return the toilet paper to where it comes from: trees.
A nice silhouette of an old chair.
Not sure if its slippery steps or some indigo ice.
Some flowers appear to be blooming in the a steel sink.
Four pairs of basketball shoes, on a short hoop, we call it an eight-footer.
Take a walk through the woods and enjoy the trees from below.
A car swerved off the road into a construction zone.
A lotus glowing on a coffee table in my parents’ living room.
Sailing the coffee coasts, early in the morning.
No mirror, but still a colorful reflection.

9 thoughts on “Riddle Raddle Let’s Skidaddle

  1. Sara Baptista

    Great photos! I could see that you had a lot of fun with this project. I really like your colors, angles, creativity, and your photos’ description. Well done! The 3 photos that I like the most are the chair, cars, and the mirror.

  2. Jimila

    I really like this group of photo, creative and color and framative. every phot focus on its subjust and different angle make photo interesting. great work.

  3. Gyllian Mullins

    UGH! I love the colors in this, and the shots for the coffee table and chair are awesome! Great job, I loved this!


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