Final Project: Slowing Down

Slowing Down to Appreciate the Little Things

So often we get caught up in the speed of life and forget to take time to enjoy the little things. I put this video together to try to capture that concept. The first half of it is about some of the many ways we rush. The second half is about some of the wonderful things we miss when we rush – the beautiful, slow, time-taking, rewarding activities we don’t always do.

I was thinking of putting together this video in a ‘this versus that’ format, but then I changed my mind. (For example: driving versus walking, laundry machines versus a clothesline, texting versus talking in person or sending a physical letter, heating up an instant microwave meal versus making a home-cooked dinner, etc.) Brainstorming for this project sure was fun!

Even in the middle of putting together this video, I caught myself trying to speed along. Instead of getting impatient when the computer was slow, I had to remind myself to sit back and relax!

Like usual, this project had its ups and downs, but overall, I enjoyed putting it together. It was very difficult to find the video footage I wanted because strangers don’t like being videoed in the background, so I ended up getting some other shots instead. One of my siblings was especially helpful in volunteering to be in my video footage, so I really appreciate her help! Also, I used her camera for all of the videos and pictures I’ve taken for my class projects.

Like I have with all of my other projects, I used a snowball mic from the Media Checkout Counter to record my voice. Unfortunately, the audio seemed a lot fuzzier this time! I hope it wasn’t because of the specific mic I was using!

So, the moral of the story is: I encourage you to slow down and pay attention to the little things! Give someone a smile, let a ladybug crawl on your finger, and drive the speed limit for once. The world is only getting faster, so don’t wear yourself out trying to keep up with it!

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