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For my professional practice I chose to do an informational interview. I interviewed Ian Hall from Web Hosting Northwest. He is the Chief Executive of the company. This is a company that makes a variety of different websites for businesses and personal needs. They have a graphic design team to help you on the creative end of your website and a development team to help you develop the best website possible. I met Ian Hall while working at Hawaiian Time. He’s been a long time customer that we all know by name. He offered me a job working as a Support Service Specialist for Web Hosting Northwest a few months ago, but given the amount of time I have I turned it down. Ian was more than happy to sit down with me and let me interview him at my work. 

I began the interview by asking him “What is Web hosting Northwest?” Ian explained that Web Hosting Northwest is a Web Hosting business where they help you create your own business websites or just websites in general. He stated that “Web Hosting Northwest has an incredible graphic design and development team that works hard to make sure you’re given the website possible.” Ian explained that they have up to date tools and website design features that are used to make your life easier. Whether you don’t know how to create your own website or if you would just prefer someone else to handle for you, Web Hosting Northwest is the way to go. I then asked him, “Why do you like working for Web Hosting Northwest?” Ian stated that “I like the freedom that the company gives me. I am able to work in my office or my home if I choose and all of our employees can do the same.” I then went on to ask Ian if he recommends working for the company. I was hoping he would say yes considering he wanted me to work for them. He said “Yes of course I recommend working for Web Hosting Northwest plus we pay well it’s just harder to find people who are willing to work from home than you might think.”

Overall my interview with Ian Hall went very well.He thoroughly explained Web Hosting Northwest and now I know much more about the company than I did before. I was only aware of the customer service positions before and now I feel like I have much more of a grasp on the company. Their graphic design and development team positions are a lot more limited because they try to find people with advanced work. I’m really glad that I got the chance to interview him to learn more about Web Hosting Northwest. I wasn’t aware of all the services they fully offer such as professional web hosting, reselling, and upgrading plans with more advanced features that require more resources. I hope to work for this company at some point if I’m given the opportunity to again. They have really great teams of people who work very hard to develop the best Websites possible for your needs. 

I did however forget to take a picture during the interview so I hope that the Website pictures will do.

2 thoughts on “Web Hosting Northwest

  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    Really cool interview. Professional web hosting and all of the smaller details within that service type can be completely fascinating or a huge pain. I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself and made it educational for me as well by reading. Thanks for sharing.

  2. John Kneisler

    It sounds like Web Hosting Northwest is a well established company, and would be a great place to work for.

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