Plan:  Create a Pilot dialogue scene and then a title sequence with music.

Story Outline: What is known of the old world and its traditions are dying as a new age of colonial expansion takes over the island redden planet…. As powerful governing forces try to take control of the barbaric expanding world, pirates roam throughout clinging on the hope of fortune. And a dark force plots in secret, lurking around the strange occurrences happening throughout the islands.

Word Vomit Brainstorm: pirates, islands, steampunk, Victorian, colonization, monsters, krakens, treasure, ships, sailing ships, flying ships, lords and ladies, sword fighting, treasure maps, quests, quests givers, bounty hunters, rpg like plots, witty banter, misfortune, dull city colors, bright and vibrant nature colors, battles, advancing technology, Bermuda Triangle, nautical references, D&D stats, fake product placement, satire,


Treasure Island, Treasure Planet, Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Metalocalypse, Rick and Morty, Time Bandits, Conspiracies, mythology, D&D, The Goonies    


  • Maintain a story arc about the sort of hidden secret within the islands, while each episode has “side quests” filling in the gaps between the main plot and secondary story arcs.

Character List:


Protagonist: A middle aged “voyage” captain once famed for his adventures on the high seas and the low sky.

Supporting Character 1: A young scallywag looking for adventure into the unknown.

Supporting Character 2: First Mate to the Protagonist, loyal and true to his word, and fierce with a blade. Heavy Scottish accent.

Supporting Character 3: A mysterious character that everyone makes comments to about how he is probably a spy or will someday get stabbed in the back from him.

Supporting Character 4: The captain’s muse, once happily together as partners in adventure, but now lives her life on land as a mayor of some town on some island…

Antagonist: An evil dark lord trying to unlock the hidden secrets of the islands to become the most powerful and feared ruler.

Supporting Character 5: A mighty Commander sent out by a king to bring the island to Law and Order

Supporting Character 6: A twisted Bounty Hunter on the prowl    

Other Characters: King and Queen, Governor, Soldiers, Pirates, Shop Clerks, Fishermen, Ship Crew, Merchants, Prisoners, evil minions, Tribal Natives,

Title Sequence

Outline: Create a sequence that shows quick shots of things that happen throughout the story. Include a theme song with Ableton. Have string instruments and tempani like drums, with a drone of a Hurdy Gurdy and didgeridoo.   

Shot Notes:

Ship being pulled underwater by a kraken

Dueling pirates

Ship cannons firing

Cheering with grog flasks

Ship in a storm

Zoom out of a map

A heap of treasure




Zoom into tavern door

Door opens, a blinding light comes

As camera goes in, lights fades, inside of tavern fades in


Camera Enters

People sitting at tables Barmaids delivering trays of pints

Camera flys just over a busy tables

  • Hunks of strange meat and food on table
  • Beer pints
  • Someone either dead or past out
  • Pass 5-finger fillet and strange card game
  • Leaves table with people cheersing

Camera pans right across bar

  • People sitting on stools
  • Bartender mixing strange drinks
  • Liquor on the illuminated shelves
  • Strange creatures and objects in bottles

Camera Swivels right

  • Pans across booths of people
  • Bathroom doorway
  1. Sea monster pulls patron back into mens bathroom
  2. Line at the women’s

Pan across a couple more booths

  • Strange chat booth of somesort

Camera swivels right again to a dark archway illuminated by candles

  •  Zoom into a room with main character sitting at a table in his old age
  • Small round table with a pint, map, and some other odd things illuminated by candle


Character begins dialogue

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