F18-P6 Final Project- Day Of The Duck

Since the day they arrived these ducks lived their daily lives very interestingly and I just had to do something with them. This also probably my payback towards them because they always poop in my garage and my car sometimes.

What has kept me drawn towards them was their abnormal life. The ducks don’t really quack like the ducks you find at ponds, these ducks just start panting and shaking their tales like dogs. Doing a little more research on the ducks they are Muscovy ducks that migrate from South America and some Mexican wetlands. The Muscovy population are also protected by the U.S.F.W.S, The United States Fish and Wildlife Services. This means there could be consequences with the law when killing these ducks. Theses ducks not only are very unique in the sense that they do not always house in nearby ponds because they can be domesticated in forest and suburban areas. Muscovy ducks are omnivores they eat worms, corn, leaves, small fish and small reptiles. If you ever come across one of these particular ducks beware that they are not your typical little puppy you could cuddle with. Males tend to be more aggressive than females but they will hiss at you depending how close you get to them and will sometimes bite at you if they feel threatened. They can tolerate very cold weather and place themselves in wet areas where rain is present.

Not everyone has the joy of having neighborhood ducks but I hope my video will provide a hilarious experience.  Hopefully when you are confronted by these ducks this blog will give something to remember them by.


Directed and produced by, Alberto Lepe-Romero

Voice talents, Alison Courts and Alberto Lepe-Romero

Ducks voiced: Benny (Tall male duck), Karen (Short Brown duck), Becky (Short black duck)

Area permitted by, by friendly neighbor Maryland

Sound/music: http://www.Freesound.org

Produced in: MUL 101 and Alberto’s neighborhood

Instructed by: Teresa Hughes


3 thoughts on “F18-P6 Final Project- Day Of The Duck

  1. Hoa Mai Nguyen


    ¡Buen trabajo! Great work on your video! It took me a while for me to realize it was the ducks who were talking. But as soon as I heard the word “I” and “My”, I instantly clued in. I watched the video twice, it was so good and funny. I love the different voices and attitudes. I was surprised how well the voices matched up with the ducks’ “everyday life”. I’m wondering did you film and then record the voices or did you film and talk at the same time? I realized at the beginning when the duck tripped, the voice also tripped, was that by chance? Overall, this has been one of the best videos I’ve watched. Good luck finishing the term!

  2. MaKayla Stumph

    I think this turned out great! It’s really entertaining I like the fact you gave each duck a different voice. I think it turned out really well and that you were able to accomplish what you wanted with it.

  3. Emily Williams

    LOL 😀 couldn’t stop laughing. I love the different voice and how you used the random thing the ducks did to make a story.

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