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MUL101-F18-Video Project-Williams,Emily copy from Emily Williams on Vimeo.
For my five things video project I decided to do a sideshow of five types of animals I have had as pets. I live out in the country so I have had a lot of pets, but these five have been the most memorable. 1. Is my short haired border Collie Twister. He sadly passed away of few years ago, but he was a very good and loyal. He loved pop corn, peanut butter and herding our goats. 2. Lot and lots of cats. Though out my whole we have had lots of cats, so yes you could say I am a crazy cat lady. The leader cat was my black cat w/ the bright pink collar Licorice. She also sadly pass away a few years, but she was the best cat I ever had. She was a great mother, mouse catcher, and coddler. 3. My four goats. Luckily they are still alive. The white one Nathen he’s the oldest, he is very shy and quite. the Black and oreo one are brother( oreo) and sister (black). the oreo is named Joseph he is also very shy, but he loves it when you rub his head. The black one is named Jewel she is the boldest of the bunch, is very loud and very playful. The last one is the baby. She is a little over a year old, but she is already taller then the others. Her name is Topaz. Like jewel she is very bold, but also shy. We had to make the fence higher because she was able to jump over it. 4. Ooblick the bearded Dragon. For a few years we had a lazy lizard. It was always fun to watch he we would give him live worms and crickets to chance and eat. 5.( sorry theres only one picture) Chickens: when I was young every spring we would get little chicks and rase them into chickens and get eggs from them.

Hope you enjoyed:)

2 thoughts on “Video Project

  1. Chris Ortloff

    You had some amazing shots of all the animals. I really liked your music and how it flows. The only thing that I would say is, editing effects between slides would give it some more spice!

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